The latest range of LU CHI Auto Test products provide automatic self-testing in accordance with IEC62034/BS5266-1 .

LU CHI Auto Test performs a commissioning test upon connection to a permanent mains supply, a 5 second monthlyfunctional test and a full rated duration test at yearly intervals.

Any fault which is highlighted during these first test periods is identified by the indicator LED changing from green toflashing red and is accompanied by an audible alarm.

LU CHI Auto Test Features

  • Automatic commissioning
  • Performs 5 second functional test every 30 days
  • Rated duration test every 52 weeks in accordance with EN 50172:2004
  • Indication through a bi-colour LED
  • Fault indication beeper


LU CHI Auto Test operates in accordance with IEC/EN 62034 and is available on most of LU CHI products including LED Emergency drivers, LED Emergency lights, Emergency EXIT indicator luminaire and can be supplied compatible withPotential-Free and DALI systems (Please refer to our catalogue for the specific use of DALI system).

The system allows modules to routinely test all the fundamental aspects of the emergency lighting luminaire and reportthe status through the LED indicator and any monitoring system.

LU CHI products fitted with Auto Test will initially complete an automatic commissioning period. The commissioningperiod will be re-started if the main or battery supplies are interrupted at any time during this period or subsequently if thepower remains off for more than 7 days.

Once successfully commissioned, the products will go into self-test mode automatically at suitable times.

A 5 second functional test will be performed every 30 days and every 52 weeks the test will be conducted for the full rated duration

For non-DALI products, usually the automatic test cycle is automatically set at the factory. In order to prevent all lamps from carrying out emergency test at the same time, each lamp has

Status Reporting

  • LED Indicator Status Status Reporting
  • No LED Indicator Loss of mains suoolv
  • Green LEDNormal Standby.normal system
  • Green fast flash Functional test in progress
  • Green middle flash Press the button to set the synchronization manually
  • Green slow flashCommissioning or duration test every 52 weeks in progress
  • Red flashing onceBattery or duration fault
  • Red flashing twiceBattery discharge did not reach the rated time
  • Red flashing three times Lamp fault

User Reset Facility

To reset the unit after a lamp fault condition has been rectified, following battery replacement, the unit will perform a commissioning test automatically to restore function.

Audible Alarm

An audible alarm will sound if the unit detects a fault, and every 30 minutes, one to three beepers will sound for different faults until the fault condition is rectified and the unit reset.

Note that for non-DALI Auto Test products, start times of the tests are set automatically to ensure random testing of the units. As a consequence tests may occur at any time, and caution should be exercised in situations where this may be inconvenient.Users can set the synchronization setting function manually.

Our company may change the product technology without prior notice.